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Finally, a mobile app that helps moms and kids conquer potty training’s most important task: the potty break. Time to Potty is all about creating consistent potty behavior with games, progress reports, and a potty break timer that adapts as kids learn.

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Hilton® Worldwide: Hospitality Reimagined

What goes into a global redesign for the world’s foremost hospitality company? 22 languages, 10 brands and 3 regions. All in a single platform.

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Depend®: underwareness

What’s the best way to get someone’s attention? Drop your pants. Together with Kimberly-Clark, we did just that – and we got North America to take a second look at Depend® products and the people who need them. So, don’t be shy: see who’s dropping their pants and find out how to join the Underwareness cause.

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