Time to Potty App

We helped Pull-Ups® go beyond training pants
with an indispensable tool for potty training.

Thank the Data for Your Next Potty Break

Pull-Ups® set out to become a trusted partner for parents and children by taking the guesswork out of potty training. The data led us to create a smart potty timer that lets you know when it’s time to go.

Mom needs help keeping her potty training routine consistent.

Life with her toddler is unscripted. She needs help remembering that it's time for a potty break. Better yet, she’d love it if her child came to her and said, “It’s time to go potty!”


She has high standards for digital help.

Life has enough variables so mom is only going to adopt a tool that’s straightforward to use, eases frustration and enables her to do the things she needs to do. If it doesn’t, she’ll never use it again.

For us to be successful, this tool had to be:

  • Consistent with how we help moms & kids interact
  • Secretly smart & beautifully simple
  • Designed to foster Big Kid success and independence
  • 100% focused on keeping potty training moving forward
  • Uniquely tied to Pull-Ups® brand rituals
  • With mom from morning to Merlot-ment

Knowing all of this, we had one guiding principle:

“The smarter it is,
the more it feels like magic.”

Introducing Time to Potty

It's a smart potty timer that lets you know when it's time to go and gets your child excited to take potty breaks with Disney character celebration games. It's the perfect way to start the potty training journey.


We hit five times our download goal.
Two months early. Whoa.


Over 60,000 celebrations have been played to date.
That's a lot of potty breaks!

Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 - ∞

We'd Make Great Apps Together

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