Depend® Underwareness

We invited all of society to help us reframe Depend® as a brand
for a non-stop life, not the beginning of the end.

The Data Made Us Drop Our Pants

The Depend® brand has moved beyond outdated stigmas, but many consumers haven't. We needed to show people that these discreet products empower active, vibrant people to live life to the fullest. We saw how common bladder leakage is and it inspired us to rally the masses with a movement and charitable cause created to get people to rethink all things Depend®.

No more shame.
Let's talk about it in plain view.

A big part of the brand stigma is the shame associated with the product and the need for Depend®. To do away with the embarrassment, we had to show that there's nothing to be ashamed of.

Sheryl Underwood

Daytime darling Sheryl Underwood began to experience bladder leakage after her hysterectomy. Watch as she shares the inspiring story of why she dropped her pants for Underwareness.

"Mighty" Mike McGee

Born with spina bifida, renowned poet-performer Mike McGee has dealt with bladder leakage for his entire life. See why he dropped his pants for Underwareness.

It's Time to Drop Your Pants for Underwareness

More than 65 million Americans deal with bladder leakage so in support of them, we're dropping our pants for Underwareness. Literally. Depend® went first then invited society to help create a movement and normalize their brand.

Bare Your Support

We dropped our pants on Instagram and invited everyone to join in. With each pic posted, people helped spread the word. Check out #DropYourPants & #Underwareness on Instagram.

More than a responsive website, it's the home of the cause. With photos and videos galore, people can relive the epic Underwareness kick-off concert and see who's dropping their pants — no matter what device they're on. With each social engagement, Depend® donates $1 to charity.

14,404 Social Likes

Posts across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook definitely got noticed.



38x the Fans

Depend® Facebook likes jumped from 350 to over 13,600.


Raised for the United Way and The Simon Foundation for Continence with $3,000,000 expected by December 2016.

Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 - ∞

We'd Create Big Changes Together

If you saw this and thought "I wish I helped make that," we should talk.